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How to Store Pillows?

Do you want to know how to store pillows? When storing your pillows, you should consider a few things for your pillow to be well organized. Organizing and storing your pillow is not that difficult, and you should know proper maintenance and care of your cushions will ensure they last for a long time.

On how to store pillows, there are things you should consider. Most times, we tend to receive guests, and if you have been keeping your pillows right, you will not have tension. Without storing your pillows properly, they’ll look old, but they will always look fresh and serve you adequately with proper care.   

The following are a few tips you should consider when storing your pillows.

Select The Pillows That Need to Be Stored 

It would be best to make the right decision before storing your pillows, and there is no need to keep pillows that you know very well you will never use. If you are not using them, you can sell or dispose of them.

Do Not Store Your Pillows in a Warm and Moist Area

When storing your pillows, avoid damp storage areas. Ensure where you place your pillows is climate-controlled. Storing your cushions in the wet, garage, or humid areas may result in mold, mildew, and house pests growth on your pillows.
The best place to store pillows should be cool and dry to avoid such problems.

Never leave your pillows uncovered

Another thing you need to avoid when it comes to storing pillows is never to leave your pillow uncovered. Your pillow will get wet or damaged, but it will also collect dust.

If you have any pets, they may make your uncovered pillows their comfortable bed. Your pets can tear your pillows apart or leave their hair and even some mites when this happens.

This is why you should never leave your pillows uncovered if you don’t plan on using them.

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Purchase the Best Storing Items

A good quality storing material is significant and suitable for adequately storing your pillows. Any pillow you should pack depends on the storing material you will use. But these are essentials that you need to have.

An excellent breathable plastic bag is recommended because sealed bags encourage condensation. Therefore, breathable plastic bags are good because they allow air circulation. 

It would help if you also had a packing tape with clean pillows and a permanent marker.

The Best Way to Store Your Pillows – Step-by-Step

These steps will guide you on how to store pillows appropriately. Any pillow needs care to ensure it comes out of the storage perfectly. 

Follow these steps to guide you on how you should store your pillow.

Here is how to store your bedroom pillows 

  • You first need to place your pillow inside a pillow cover.
  • The other thing is to wrap your pillow with a breathable bag. Dont wrap too tight because you can damage your pillow shape.
  • After wrapping, secure it with a packing tape.
  • You can then follow by placing your pillow inside a clear plastic tub. 
  • And the last thing is labeling the tub.

Here is How to store your throw pillows 

  • Place your pillows inside a pillow cover.
  • Wrap your throw pillows individually with a breathable bag, and dont wrap too tight; you might damage your pillow shape.
  • You then need to secure the wrapping with packing tape.
  • Then place your throw pillow inside a clear plastic tub.
  • Lastly, label the tub.


As you’ve read, there are several factors to consider regarding how to store your pillows. If you had any difficulties with keeping your pads and didn’t know what to consider, this article will guide you on how to do that.

Do not store your pillows without knowing how to do it because your pillows might result in mold and mildew build-up. Consider reading and understanding how to store your pillow to get the best results when out of storage.

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