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What to Do With Old Pillows?

Pillows are mainly used to give us a comfortable sleep and support our necks and bodies. We spend the most hours in our beds, and if you notice shoulder and neck pain, that’s a sign your pillows are worn out already. Also, if your pillow feels lumpy, it needs replacement. 

If you have been using your pillow for more than two years, the buffer might be old. It’s always recommended that we change our pillows every one to two years.

There are many ways to recycle your old pillows rather than throwing them away.  But before recycling them, you should clean them.

8 Productive Things You Can Do with Old Pillows

If you are wondering what to do with your old pillows, here are eight productive things you can do with old pillows.

1.   Recycle

what to do with old pillows

When pillows have served you for a long time, they can serve elsewhere and in a better way. There are textile recycling centers that accept old pillows. Find a textile recycling facility specializing in keeping pillows and textiles. American textile recycling services accept all kinds of pillows, and they have been doing that work for decades.

But there are some pillows like feather and down pillows. Their cushions are composable, and you can empty the feathers into your nearest bin and dispose of the pillowcase.

2.   Make them Throw pillows.

Having an old pillow can also serve you in your living room. If your old pillow is not providing you with support in your bed, it doesn’t mean that it’s not comfy. You can still use your old cushions and make comfortable throw pillows for your living room.

To have a comfortable and fluffy pillow, just remove the stuffing of other old pillows and put it in the cushion you want. That will make your cushions smooth and have a good shape.

3. Gardening Use

Gardening can be challenging, but an old pillow will do justice. You can double up your old buffer in a sturdy pillowcase and use it on your knees.

Simply take your old pillows and toss them inside water-resistant or Ziploc bags to prevent them from getting wet or muddy.

4.  Use Them for Outdoor Seating 

The best way to use your old pillows for outdoor seating is to cushion your old pillows with weather-resistant fabric. The weather-resistant fabric will help with water resistance giving your garden seats lovely pillows. 

5. Turn Them into Floor Cushions 

You can repurpose them by making large floor cushions if you have old pillows you dont use. Put some old fabrics on your old pillows for them to be fluffy, and they will be great floor cushions for your friends and family to use.

6.  Repurpose Old Pillows for Your Pets 

Repurposing your old pillows and using them to make a pet bed is easy because it will save you money. Pets like sleeping with us, and they know our smell, so your pets will be happy to sleep there.

7. Use as Moving or Parking Material

Keeping and maintaining your old pillows for moving is the best idea. The old pads are suitable for packing material or moving, and they make a good packing material for odd-shaped delicate items that you may want to transport.

You can also place them between the boxes and mirrors to protect the furniture from getting scratched.

8. Donate Your Old Pillows 

If your pillows are not serving you in the right way, you can decide to donate your old pads. But before visiting donation centers, it’s best to contact the organization where you want to present your pillows. 

You will have good confirmation on whether you can donate your pillow or any preparation you must have before taking your pillows to them. Additionally, you can donate to homeless shelters, animal shelters, charities, and even daycare facilities. 

Lastly, you can also find a textile recycling facility near you that deals with fabrics and pillows. The facility ensures they keep the old pillows and reuse their materials to make items like padding and rags. 

FAQs on What to Do with Old Pillows

What to do with old feather pillows?

You can recycle or compost your old feather pillows. If your down or feather pillows have broken down completely, you can empty the feathers in the nearest bin and dispose of the pillowcase.

What to do with old bed pillows?

  1. You can recycle your pillow. 
  2. Garden use them 
  3. Use them for outdoor seating 
  4. Turn them to floor cushions
  5. Repurpose old pillows for pets
  6. Make them throw pillows 
  7. Use as moving or packing material
  8. Donate your old pillows

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What to do with old throw pillows?

You can recycle or compost old throw pillows rather than throw them away. When composting, you can empty the feathers of the cushion and dispose of the pillowcase.

You can recycle old throw pillows into a pet bed. The old pillows make good cushions for your pets. If your pets are small, the pad will be a good bed for your pets. You can add the old pillow to their bed if they are old enough.


This guide will help you if you don’t know what to do with your old pillows. You can consider using your old pillows as pet beds rather than throwing the pillows away if you have pets.

There are so many things to do with old pillows. Just choose which you feel is best for you, and if you donate, you will feel good knowing your pillow is helping elsewhere.

Anne Hogan
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