11 Best Body Pillows for Back Sleepers

Having the best body pillows can guarantee you a restful night. Although finding the best body pillows for back sleepers might seem like an easy task, that’s not quite the case.

Speaking from experience, there are many significant factors that you need to consider before finding your body pillow of choice. For this reason, I delved deeper into my research to save you both time and a headache trying to find the best bed pillows for back sleepers to buy.

Hence, the following is a list of my 11 best picks for the best body pillows to consider buying.

1. Oubonun Premium Adjustable Body Pillow

As the name suggests, this is a fully adjustable body pillow with hypoallergenic, 100% cotton material pillowcases. The pillow features an adjustable nature, which delivers top levels of support and comfort for back sleepers as they rest at night.

And aside from being a perfect option for back sleepers, this pillow’s versatile nature doesn’t have a limitation to any user. It’s proven to improve your overall sleep quality, and even pregnant women would be at an advantage when using this body pillow.

Lastly, it’s easy to care for because of its machine washable and dryer safe capabilities.

2. Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic offers you a full-body embrace experience for a cozy night every time you need to get your Zs. Highly recommended for pregnant women, this body pillow delivers top-quality comfort for back sleepers as well.

Additionally, the memory foam filling is evenly distributed thanks to this pillow’s length. As a result, its shape ensures that your back, knees, hips, legs, and feet stay correctly aligned the entire night.

The pillow also comes with the Kool-Flow technology, which features an extra-breathable micro-vented fabric. This way, you’ll have optimal airflow and cool nights during the summertime.

3. Moonlight Comfort – U Total Body Pregnancy Support Pillow

This is one of the best body pillows for back sleepers that combine health and comfort benefits to ensure that you get a restful night. The ‘U’ design on this pillow aligns your hips, back, neck, and shoulders for the best sleeping experience, making it a good option for back sleepers.

Similarly, the design is also responsible for regulating the body temperature, while improving circulation at the same time. This body pillow also comes with the fusion fiberfill, which is a premium synthetic down stuffing for improved comfort when sleeping with the pillow.

If unaware, that is a new-age material that allows air to flow freely, while upholding this pillow’s shape.

4. Tempur-Pedic Standard Body Pillow

Tempur-Pedic is one of the top recognized pillow brands and this standard body pillow truly explains why. It features a memory foam filling for overnight sleeping comfort and a 100% Polyester Knit Cover for efficient breathability.

Whether you are a back sleeper or an expectant mother, this body pillow offers personalized comfort for a restful night. This is because of its responsive and adaptable TEMPUR material, which conforms to your body’s shape for a better good night’s sleep.

Similarly, the TEMPUR material is highly durable and reliable enough to offer you support and comfort through the night year after year.

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5. Cosybay Full Body Pillow

Designed with a premium firm filling, this large Cosybay Full Body Pillow is functional for your sleeping needs. It’s highly adaptable and doesn’t flatten after you’ve placed your body on it for hours. Hence, this pillow is highly useful, especially for back sleepers.

The bamboo cover on this body pillow adds to this pillow’s breathability while making it easy to clean. Also, the bamboo cover offers a cooling touch for hot summer nights or if you are a hot sleeper.

Durable, reliable, and also easy to clean, the bamboo cover gives you a soft and comfortable experience. Being a body pillow, you have a large enough companion to give you a warm and restful night.

6. LUCID Shredded Memory Foam Full Body Pillow

best body pillows for back sleepers

A hypoallergenic, shredded memory foam fill and a breathable bamboo cover are some of the few words that I can use to briefly describe this body pillow. It comes compressed due to packaging and so, it requires fluffing to regain its puffy nature.

You can do this by placing this pillow in a dryer on medium heat for not more than 20 minutes to optimally decompress it. Once you do this, you will now have a pillow that conforms to your body’s shape and align your spine as you sleep. By doing this, the pillow ensures you are well rested throughout the night as you sleep on your back.

The shredded memory foam fill facilitates airflow to give you a comfortable and cool sleeping experience. Lastly, the bamboo cover is easily washable while at the same time it complements the work of the shredded memory foam fill.

7. DOWNCOOL Long Body Pillow

best body pillows for back sleepers

This body pillow features a unique design and comes with a removable bamboo cover. Inside it, you get two different types of fill materials that combine to deliver a restful experience at night.

The lower and upper layers of this pillow feature the memory foam fill, while the middle layer contains the shredded memory foam filling. Additionally, the pillow also comes with fast rebound capability, meaning it won’t flatten after placing your weight on it the entire night.

It rightly fits in my best body pillows list, and this DOWNCOOL Long Body Pillow would be a thoughtful investment for you or your loved one.

8. Soft-Tex SoftLOFT Body Pillow

best body pillows for back sleepers

From research and testing, I found that this pillow can adequately deliver good value for money. I definitely loved how this body fill ensures you have a well-balanced body pillow to sleep on.

It comes with hypoallergenic fiberfill, meaning that any back sleeper looking for a body pillow can get good value from this one. The design is user-friendly and allows multi-positional use alongside offering you comfort as you take your slumbers.

With this body pillow, you get plush support for the whole body for a top-quality sleeping experience.

9. Mindful Design Cooling Body Pillow

best body pillows for back sleepers

You can achieve peaceful and more restful nights with this Mindful Design Cooling Body Pillow. As the name suggests, this is a pillow capable of delivering a comfortable yet cooling experience as you sleep. And this is all thanks to its high-quality cooling gel technology.

It is large enough to offer you full body support when sleeping and it cushions the common pressure points like the knees, back, and hips. As for the fill, you get a softer poly filling that allows you to customize many different sleeping positions.

When it comes to caring for this pillow, you need to be a bit careful. This is because it needs to be spot cleaned and air dried, but nothing too hard to handle.

10. Holy Lamb Organic Body Pillow

best body pillows for back sleepers

This is another one of the best body pillows for back sleepers that you can consider buying for your full-body sleeping needs. The pillow features a full-length design, which provides exceptional support and comfort as you peacefully sleep on your back.

While it might be most suitable for expectant mothers, this body pillow doesn’t limit any other person from enjoying a restful night. The fill is a Premium Eco-Wool batting covered with an organic cotton sateen outer fabric, which ensures you breathe well at night.

11. Dakimakura Full Body Pillow

best body pillows for back sleepers

Last on this list is the Dakimakura Full Body Pillow. It is top-quality and one of the best body pillows for back sleepers. This is mainly because it guarantees you the best sleeping experience, due to the comfort that it offers..

This pillow is made in Japan and features the polyester material on the cover and filling as well. That said, you can have decent slumbers with this pillow while it supports all your deserving pressure points.

Unlike the rest we’ve looked at on this list, this full-body pillow is pricier but guarantees value for your money.


Choosing the best body pillows for back sleepers can be a challenging task especially with an ocean of options available on the market.

But one good way of choosing the right pillow is ascertaining your needs first. This includes knowing your sleeping position and the type of material you want on your pillow. In this case, I assume that you are a back sleeper, so now this becomes easier for you to choose the right bag according to your preferences.

That’s not all; some conditions may also require specific sleeping positions, which calls for different types of pillows.

Hence, the best way to find the right pillow out of the best body pillows is to ascertain your sleeping preferences first. With that out of the picture, you now have the 11 best body pillows to consider buying.