The price of a Christian Dior handbag can range between $2,000 – $3,500 or even higher. This is in respect to the current price increase of Dior bags that was announced in February this year.

The previous increase in the price of Dior handbags took place in July 2020. Typically, the price of Dior bags increases once every year. However, the brand isn’t specific on the time of the year. So, the recent increase in prices that happened in February 2021 caught many by surprise.

Dior followed the likes of Louis Vuitton and Chanel who had already hiked the price of their handbags. When Dior announced the price increase of their products in July 2020, many people viewed this as a bizarre action considering the effect of the pandemic.

But to our surprise, the pandemic didn’t stop the demand for designer bags, which was more reason for Dior and other big names in the business to capitalize on the opportunity.

Factors Determining the Cost of Dior Bags

As mentioned earlier in this blog post, the prices of Dior bags or any other designer bags for that matter vary. There isn’t a standard amount for how much Dior bags cost. This is because the final price of each designer bag is determined by several factors.

These factors include:

Fashion Trends

Today, fashion trends emerge and disappear in a very limited amount of time. If you love fashion trends and follow them closely, you’ll find that there are new styles every season, especially with designer bags.

And while Dior has stood to its signature look, they too have had to come up with different styles to satisfy the demand in a particular season. This has been mostly the result of globalization, which has fastened the trend cycle of many products including designer bags.

Taste and Preferences

If unaware, you are probably the most significant contributor to the cost of designer handbags. It’s no doubt that you have your specific taste when it comes to handbags. You want something that you are comfortable with carrying, and a bag that matches your attire, or compliments it even more.

So, brands like Dior have to study the different preferences available on the market and come up with products that can satisfy such demands. Because this is usually a capital-intensive venture, the price of such bags is usually higher.

Materials Used

The microeconomics behind raw materials is another significant determinant of how much Dior bags cost. To spark the buyer’s interest, the materials used on designer handbags have to be distinctive in their color, texture, durability and feel.

Most buyers will choose a bag based on the materials used in its design, and this reflects in the overall sales of the bag.


It’s inevitable for the sales of a particular handbag to go down if their availability doesn’t meet their demand on the market. Hence, the supply of a designer bag is crucial in finding the best buy on the market.

Otherwise, consumers usually substitute their demand with other handbags in case of unavailability.

The factors explained above don’t only determine the price of designer handbags, but they are also important in helping a buyer purchase exquisite handbags of certain price targets.

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Benefits of Dior Bags

Good Quality

The quality of Dior handbags is for sure unparalleled. These bags are crafted with some of the best materials to guarantee durability and style.

It’s one of the reasons why most designer bags are expensive. However, I would consider buying Dior bags a worthwhile investment considering the value these bags offer for the money.

Great Resale Value

I can’t lie, I’ve made quite some bucks off my unused designer bags after reselling them. Dior or other good-quality handbags are usually termed great investments for a reason. You see, if you get tired of them or lack a need for your designer handbags, it’s very possible to make something good out of their resale.

This is especially beneficial if you are reselling a bag that’s not on the market anymore. You can sell them on eBay, Poshmark, or TheRealReal, which is a consignment boutique.


Unlike low-quality handbags, designer handbags like Dior bags can offer you impressive durability. Like I explained earlier, these bags are made from high-quality materials including leather.

Hence, they are capable of lasting you for years without experiencing any loose threads or fading of any kind.


If you are a fashionista, I believe designer bags such as Dior and many more are worth your taste. These bags come in different styles and can complement different looks in your wardrobe!

Have a look at my best Dior bags collection and see if you can find a bag that matches your taste and budget. I hope this blog post was helpful.