If you wake up often with a sore neck, the pillow (s) you are sleeping on is to blame. This is because the work of a pad is to hold your neck and head at the perfect height to avoid unnecessary muscle strain. Fortunately, using the best pillows for neck pain and migraines can give you the support needed to attain a restful night.

This way, you’ll sleep soundly and at the right height, so you won’t have to worry about waking up with a sore neck. The following are eight picks of what I found could deliver a peaceful night while relieving you of unnecessary neck pain.

1. Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow

This queen-size memory foam pillow is designed to contour your body’s shape so that it can effectively support your head and neck. The bamboo material used to make this pillow ensures that you get uniform pressure when lying on the pillow.

As a result, your head and neck receive the proper support and comfort for a restful night. This pillow isn’t only helpful in relieving neck pain but can also deliver one of the best spinal alignments experience available.

It features an elegant cervical shape, and I like the firmness of this pillow, which ensures your neck receives optimal support when sleeping.


2. UTTU Sandwich Pillow for Neck Support

Specifically designed for neck pain relief and optimal support to the neck, this is another one of the best pillows for neck pain currently on the market. This pillow offers pressure relief capability made possible by the proprietary UTTU DYNAMIC FOAM fill.

That fill material enables this pillow to conform to your body’s natural curve to support your neck and head better. I also loved how this brand’s foam fill doesn’t harden when the weather gets cold. It remains fluffy to give you a comfortable experience alongside relieving you of neck pain.


3. ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain Relief

With a creative and innovative design, this neck pillow by ZAMAT works perfectly to deliver plush comfort while you sleep. It’s one of the best pillows for neck pain and is ideal for any sleeping position.

It features innovative cervical, and its contour design captures your neck’s curvature, providing excellent support. It also offers practical help for spine alignment, which increases your overall sleep quality.

With its comfort and customizable feature, this pillow can help you feel refreshed every morning. Lastly, you get a breathable, removable, machine washable pillowcase made from cotton/polyester material.


4. ZenPur Side Sleeper Pillow

This is not only one of the best pillows for neck pain but also helps with snoring relief. The ZenPur side sleeper pillow is an orthopedic pillow that is medically proven to offer neck pain relief as you sleep.

What’s it is a hypoallergenic pillow with plenty of other benefits. The pillow’s fill consists of premium quality memory foam, which adequately supports your neck and spine alignment. As a result, you get to enjoy a great night’s sleep without worrying about waking up with a sore neck.

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5. Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

I love the creative and functional design of this memory foam pillow. It features a cervical contour design that conforms to the shape of your head and also captures your neck’s curvature. This pillow’s ergonomic design also provides optimal support to your shoulders for the best sleeping experience.

Whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, this pillow can deliver a relaxing experience throughout the night. The pillowcase is made from 62% polyester and 38% ice silk viscose materials for a breathable surface that keeps the pillow cool at night. It’s also machine washable, so you can always keep your pillow clean and smelling fresh.


6. DR.DREAM Cervical Pillows for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

This contour pillow helps align your spine while relieving your neck, head, and shoulder pain. Moreover, it retains its shape after regular use, making it one of the best pillows for neck pain relief.

Its premium memory foam fill is certified by CertiPUR-US and adapts to your head and neck pressure as you sleep. It’s available in a standard size, which is sizeable enough to meet users’ support and comfort needs.


7. Plixio 2 Pack Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows

These two-pack bed pillows by Plixio feature shredded foam infused with a cooling gel. It’s an impressive technology that ensures you sleep cool at night and works even better if you are a hot sleeper. Besides, the shredded memory foam fill provides excellent support for neck and back pain relief when sleeping.

And for easy care, this pillow set features a washable, hypoallergenic bamboo pillowcase. Similarly, this pillowcase provides a comfortable, soft, and breathable experience every time you lie down on the pillow to sleep.

Made with premium fill material and a comfortable and breathable cover, these pillows can help alleviate neck pain, among other sleeping ailments.


8. Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Pillow

One of the best pillows for neck pain is this contour memory foam pillow by Bedsure. The pad has an ergonomic and cervical shape to offer adequate neck support for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

Additionally, the memory foam fill inside this pillow adapts to your head and neck’s shapes to rest comfortably. The pad also features gel-infused technology in its fill, which keeps the pillow cool at night by regulating airflow.

And with a removable outer cover, this pillow offers you an easy-to-care-for experience and guaranteed durability.



Neck pain is a plague that affects many people. Most often, neck pains are a result of how you sleep. Therefore, choosing a comfortable pillow is one of the many ways to solve this issue.

I hope this list of the best pillows for neck pain and migraines will help you buy a pillow that will offer you a fantastic sleeping experience. Regardless of your sleeping position, these eight options can ensure you get a restful night without encountering any neck pain in the morning.