The question of whether you need a pillow with a sleeping bag isn’t a new one. This is because most of us need pillows for a comfortable night’s sleep.

A stormy night’s sleep is when you don’t have a comfortable sleep. A pillow is essential for sleeping, and it helps support the natural curve of our neck. Additionally, it helps maintain a good posture, giving you a comfortable sleep.

If you have a sleeping bag or need one, it plays a good role outdoors. It keeps you warm by trapping the warm air around you and gives you a comfortable sleeping experience, and that’s why it’s essential.

But remember, you need a pillow to provide you with a night of restful sleep, and most sleeping bags don’t have them. Camping pillows are lightweight and minimal and are best because they add more comfort when sleeping outdoors.

A night without a good pillow will worsen or even cause neck pain, which will lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Let’s learn more about whether you need a pillow with a sleeping bag.

Do You Need a Pillow with a Sleeping Bag?

Yes. You do need a camping pillow with your sleeping bag. Camping pillows are lightweight and don’t take too much space on your pack. They will also provide you with a warm and comfortable sleep.

How Do You Sleep Comfortably in a Sleeping Bag?

This is a common question for most people, especially those who’ve never used a sleeping bag before. To sleep comfortably in a sleeping bag, you need to:

  • Put on clean socks and long underwear
  • Do not zip up your sleeping bag if it’s a warm night
  • Try to cover yourself with a light blanket

If you’re not sharing a tent with anyone, try filling the sleeping bag with extra dry clothes or even blankets around you. Filling the sleeping bag with clothes will help lessen the surface area, and your body will heat, giving you a warm and comfortable sleep.

What is the Warmest Way to Sleep in a Sleeping Bag?

Some tips will help you have the warmest sleep in your sleeping bag. If you want to sleep well, you need to dress in warm clothes before resting in your sleeping bag. Dressing well includes wearing a hat, socks, and if you want to insulate your entire body, wear a layer of breathable clothes.

A hot bottle of water will also help. Use a plastic bottle, fill it with hot water, place it at your bag’s feet, and ensure it’s sealed tightly. Our legs get cold quicker than other parts, and piling extra clothes on our feet will give our bodies the required insulation.

Changing damp clothes and putting on dry clothes before sleeping will also give you a warm sleep. This is because wet clothes have a higher conductivity of heat loss.

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Can You Use a Normal Pillow for Camping? 

No. You can’t use a regular pillow when camping. Ordinary pillows are meant for bedrooms only. We also have camping pillows; they are more compact than standard pillows. The camping pillows are smaller, compact, and convenient.

A standard pillow is for everyday use, while a camping pillow is for specific days only.

Is It Warmer to Sleep With Clothes on or in a Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping with clothes will increase insulation between your skin and the cold. As a result, sleeping with your clothes on will keep you warmer.

Additionally, metabolism produces heat from our bodies, and wearing long underwear will keep you warm in a sleeping bag rather than sleeping naked.

Your clothes also act as another layer of insulation. This is because they help absorb natural heat.

What Kind of Pillow Should I Use for Camping?

If you want a good pillow for camping, a Therm-a-Rest compressible pillow is one of the best. The Therm-a-Rest compressible pillows come in several sizes, but the small size is preferred because it minimizes the weight and bulkiness. 

To sleep well when camping, you need to have a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag, and a pillow. It’s a great pillow, and the Therm-a-Rest pillow is one of the best because it’s a portable pillow.

Do Sleeping Bags Lose Their Warmth?

Yes. Sleeping bags can lose their warmth over time. This is because the lifespan of your sleeping bag depends on how you maintain it.

Additionally, using and storing your sleeping bag will also determine its lifespan.

That’s not all. Your sleeping bag can also lose its insulation ability and fluffiness because it doesn’t trap warm air.

But what can you do to ensure your sleeping bag retains its warmth?

  • First, don’t store your bag in tight places.
  • Also, washing it will help, but look at your bag’s label for washing instructions.
  • When you are not using it, ensure to store it well.

Most sleeping bags can be machine-washed but when washing a sleeping bag, ensure you zip all zippers and select a delicate washing cycle of no higher than 40°C / 100°F and rinse it thoroughly.

When drying, put some tennis balls and dry on low heat. The tennis balls help to fluff sleeping bags back to their original shape.

Can you put a blanket over a sleeping bag?

Most sleeping bags are designed to be used alone, and some sleeping bags are designed to keep you warm during freezing temperatures. But if your sleeping bag lacks enough warmth, blankets will help you stay warm.

There is no problem in using home blankets or camping blankets because they will provide your body with warmth for you not to freeze.

How warm does my sleeping bag need to be?

If you are traveling, you should travel with two sleeping bags. The trips you intend to take might be hot or cold. Therefore, you will need a 10° bag or 0°or  lower bag.

But if you have a 20° bag, there’s no reason to take two types of sleeping bags with you.

How Often to Wash a Sleeping Bag?

When washing your sleeping bag, there is no need to wash it after every trip you go, but people who frequently travel a lot can wash their sleeping bags more often. Sleeping bags can be machine-washed in a front-loader, but when you use a top-loader in washing, it can damage the insulation. 

And it’s recommended you use cold water and select the gentle cycle motion.


Sleeping bags are essential when we need to travel. However, you need to maintain your sleeping bags properly to last long.

And if you want to add a wonderful camping experience with your sleeping bag, ensure you have a camping pillow onboard.

This will ensure you rest well, but you’ll also benefit from additional comfort outdoors.