When discussing how often we should replace our pillows, we also need to look at how we regularly wash our pillows to avoid dust mites, allergies, and bacteria.

While we need to be washing our pillows, we should know that some pillows can be ruined by washing but not all. Therefore, you should consider the kind of pillow you have and the method you’re using to wash.

It’s easy to wash pillows made of duck, goose, and feathers without having to worry about damaging them. Cleaning them is not only good for your skin, but you can prolong their lifespan.

The importance of pillows is to support the neck and back during sleep. But if they are overused for years, they will wear out. And when using worn-out pillows, they will increase sneezing, discomfort, headache, neck and back pain when sleeping.

To avoid this, it’s always recommended to change your pillows after every one or two years.

However, changing your pillows depends on a few factors, like how often you wash them and the type of pillows.

Below, we will discuss the types of pillows and the duration they must stay before they are changed to ensure you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Types of Pillows and How Often We Should Change Them 

Before buying a pillow, you need to pay attention to the pillow you’re buying and the manufacturer’s instructions. A long-lasting pillow requires regular care and cleaning.

Bamboo Pillows 

Bamboo pillows are made from bamboo fibers mixed with bamboo leaves and trunk flesh. If you want a bamboo pillow to last long, wash your pillow occasionally, change the pillowcase and vacuum the pillow.

Signs to tell your bamboo pillow needs replacement:

  • It loses its original shape
  • Sneezing after asleep, and
  • Waking up with neck and shoulder pain.

Bamboo pillows generally last 1 to 2 years when maintained properly.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are made from memory foam, and they tend to last between 18-36 months. The memory foam pillows provide a comfortable sleep, but it’s good to try the fold test to know if they need replacement before throwing them away. To do the fold test, fold your pillow and see the result. If the pillow gets back to its original shape, it’s still good to use, but if it springs back slowly, that means you need a new one. And if you feel lumps in the filling material, that’s a red flag.

When washing the memory foam pillows, you can hand wash and let them air-dry. You can repeatedly do that after two months.

Down Feathers 

Down pillows contain underbelly feathers of geese, ducks, and swans. They are fluffy and soft and provide a comfortable sleep. You can wash the pillows regularly for 3-6 months, but they tend to wear out, causing lumps, and for that, they typically last a short time, like a year.

To know if your down feather pillows need replacement, it’s best to try the fold method. When testing the technique on your pillows, fold them in half and notice the results. If they bounce to their original shape, you can continue to use them, but if they remain stagnant, that means they are already worn out, and they need to be replaced. 

The down feather pillows need to be replaced every 1-3 years to avoid discomfort and pain while sleeping.

Polyfoam Pillows

The polyfoam pillows are made from compounds derived from petrochemicals. These polyfoam pillows can be machined-washed and must be washed 3- 6 months. They are the least durable, and you may replace them after six months to 2 years. 

Latex Pillows 

Latex pillows are very durable; they are more expensive because they are made from rubber trees. These pillows are highly dense, and they tend to hold their shape and softness for a long time.

When washing your latex pillows, avoid machine-washing them, and just hand wash the pillows with warm water. The pillows need to be cleaned after 2 -3 months, and you should replace your latex pillows every 2 to 4 years.

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Importance of Replacing pillows 

Pillows don’t last forever; even the high-quality ones don’t last forever. The importance of replacing pillows is to avoid neck and back pain and reduce discomfort when sleeping. Replacing pillows is also suitable for your hygiene. 

Prevent Pains 

Sleeping on worn-out pillows and a lumpy pillow will cause a lot of pain to your body. Replacing the pillow will prevent unnecessary spine, neck, and back pain. A good pillow will also provide you with peaceful and comfortable sleep. 

Reduces Allergies 

Replacing pillows will automatically reduce dust mites. The mites trigger running nose, sneezing, and breathing difficulties in people who are allergic to dust. Dust mites feed on our dead skin cells, and our beds are the best environment for them to live in.

To prevent allergies, it is good to be replacing your pillows regularly.

Improves Better Sleep 

The importance of a pillow is to help align the head, neck, and back during sleep. When you have an uncomfortable pillow, you will sleep uncomfortably. To have the best rest, you need a good pillow that will help support your neck and body.

Regularly replacing your pillows will automatically give you a good night’s sleep.

What is the Best Time to Replace Your Pillows?

If you properly maintain your pillows, they will last longer and will reward you by giving your body the best support and comfort during your sleep.

When your pillows need replacement, you will know because of the following noticeable signs:

Replace Your Pillows if They are Flat and Foldable

When your pillows are easy to fold and have flattened, then you know it’s time to replace them.

Frequent Sneezing

Dust mites love the environment of mattresses and pillows. If you realize you frequently sneeze when waking up, it shows you need a new pillow.

Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain

The worst feeling anyone can have in the morning is waking up with body pains. To ensure you don’t experience such, it would be best to consider replacing your pillows.

Replace Your Pillows if they Have Bad smell

Our pillows grab a lot of by-products like body oil hair oil, and they build up bacteria over time. If you still notice the terrible smell after washing your pillows, it automatically means you need to purchase a new pillow.


Replacing your pillows is the best thing you will ever do to yourself. When purchasing a pillow, ensure you buy a good quality pillow and one that will last long. Washing your pillows every couple of months will be good care, and they will last long.

For your pillows to last long, it would be best to wash them every couple months.