Wondering how you can mix and match pillows on your sofa? Why not try mixing and matching different pillows? You can create an eye-catching display that will brighten up any room.

This blog post will discuss tips on mixing and matching pillows on a sofa. I will also provide examples of what looks good and what doesn’t. So read on for some helpful advice!

Remember, everyone has their unique style, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find your favorite look.

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What to Consider When Choosing Sofa Pillows

1. Size of the Sofa Pillows

When you want to choose a good throw pillow for your sofa, you need to consider the size. The size matters because you will be able to represent the size of your couch.

Remember, a wide sofa with small throw pillows will look out of place, but good fitting throw pillows on your sofa will look more organized and comfortable.

Your throw pillow should always fit your sofa to enhance the look of your living room. 

2. The Color of the Throw Pillows

When buying throw pillows, most people consider color as their first factor. Sofa pillows should always match your living room sofas to achieve the best result.

To achieve a good contrast, look for a color similar to your furniture or a color that resembles one part of your furniture or living room decor.

3. Shape of the Sofa Pillows

Pillows have different shapes like rectangles, squares, circles, and even boxes. And all of the pillow shapes have particular places that look good when placed.

  • A rectangle looks good when centered on sofas or even beds, and they also look good when leaning on the back of sofas. They are also widespread.
  • A square pillow is also ordinary, and they look good when placed on sofas and even beds. You can decide to use them only on your couch or even add varieties of the square pillow. 
  • A round pillow only looks good on some sofas, and they dont fit on every couch. They are not as common as they used to be.
  • A box pillow can either be square or round. And they can fit on any sofa dimensions.

4. Consider a Pattern

Patterns are suitable for enhancing fabrics and color in your living room. If your sofas have been designed, a solid pillow will be the best to decorate because it will tone the color down. A patterned pillow on a solid fabric will also look good together.

Remember, too many patterns will make your living room look too busy and less attractive.

5. Look at the Texture or Material

When you mix and match pillow textures on a sofa, you provide your house extra attraction. Smooth texture in your living room can add calmness and beauty to your sofa, but the rough texture adds coziness. The surface affects the mood created by the space.

It would help to consider how your pillow texture and cushioning will work together. Combining different textures creates some depth, and it’s essential in a neutral space.

How to mix and match pillow patterns and colors on a sofa?

Mixing and matching pillows in your living room will make your room look more organized, comfortable, and perfectly decorated. Throw pillows always make a house look brighter. They are suitable interior accessories. 

The first thing you need to do before choosing your cushions is select colors around your living room. It would help if you also had to choose three colors that perfectly match your living room space—an example of a color combination that looks lovely when blended is Dark blue+ deep red+pink.

Next, it’s best to choose three patterns for your throw pillows. When you select too many designs for your throw pillow, no cohesion of colors will look perfectly matched with one another. The pattern is the most prominent factor that contains all three colors in your color story. 

If you have a problem choosing the color of your pattern, you can only select what you like and what matches your color story. Then, choose the color you feel will blend well with the rest of your living room design.

What size pillows to use?

When you decide to buy couch pillows, always remember the size. Throw pillows should perfectly fit your couch. This is because sofa pillows larger than the couch will make your living rom look odd. 

If you have a modern sofa, it is best to use a 16-inch or 18inch throw pillow, and if you’re using an ordinary sofa, a 20inch squared pillow will be a good fit.

In a modern sofa, you can add up a 22inch or a 24 inch too, and when you start to arrange, you should start from the large one to the smallest in an orderly manner.

How to place the pillows for the best effect

When arranging your throw pillows for best effects, you should place the larger pillows on the far corners while the small ones on the inside. Additionally, it would help to put shorter throw pillows at the center of your couch.

This will make your sofa look well arranged, and you will sit comfortably. 

The different types of pillows you can use on a sofa

The most common and known sofa pillows are:

  • Feather pillows 
  • Foam pillow
  • Polyester pillow  
  • Hollow-fill fiber pillow 
  • Batting pillow 

But there are different sofa cushions designed for individual back support, and you can use a foam pillow for sitting comfortably.

Feather pillows – One good thing about feather cushions is that they’re made on individual demand. You can increase or decrease the feathers inside if you want firm or soft sitting.

Polyester pillow – Polyester pillows are available in different varieties and are not expensive. Polyester cushions will be a good option if you want an affordable throw pillow.

Batting pillows – The batting cushions can be cotton, wool, and even polyester. If your sofas have been used for more years, consider buying polyester or cotton. They will provide you with comfortable sitting.


Mixing and matching pillows on your sofa to look beautiful is not that easy for some people, but it’s effortless for some. Putting together your living room sofa pillows to make it feel complete needs full attention.

Throw pillows make a living room look brighter and more beautiful. It will be good to consider reading this article for people who want to look professional when decorating their sofas in the right way. 

A well-organized living room needs some knowledge.