Outdoor adventures and experiences are always amazing. You get to enjoy the fresh and cool air away from your home and relax. But, even outdoor adventures require a bit of comfort, which is why you need to consider using the best outdoor pillows for both back and side sleepers.

These pillows will offer you comfort and make your outdoor experience worthwhile. In this post, I’ve done my research and found some of the best pillows you should consider using outdoors – whether you’re camping in the woods or just in your backyard.

1. Pillow Perfect Outdoor Basalto Navy Throw Pillows

You can add a pop of color to your backyard with this set of 2 square throw pillows. They are made of 100% polyester fabric, both fade and water-resistant. As a result, you get ultra-durable pads to set up on your patio furniture.

Featuring 100% recycled polyester fiberfill, these pillows don’t lose their shape and offer you extra cushioning while using them. You can easily spot clean, or hand wash these pillows using a mild detergent and cold water – and air-dry them.

2. Resort Spa Home Décor Outdoor Pillows

Not only do they offer you the best outdoor pillows experience, but this set of four pillows is also comfortable and stylish enough for any patio. These pillows are available in different colors, and you can find a variation that matches your taste or furniture design.

One thing to love about these pillows is that they are UV resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about them staying out all day. Similarly, this set of 4 pads is also fade and stain-resistant.

As for comfort, the pillows are filled with soft, premium poly fiberfill, among other fabrics. The result is a stylish, comfortable, and easy-to-care-for set of four practical pads for outdoor use.

3. Pillow Perfect Decorative Brown/Blue Tropical Toss Pillow

You can’t go wrong with this set of 2 lumbar pillows that also feature a coordinating welt cord. They are made of 100% polyester and can enhance the style of your backyard while offering you a comfortable experience.

Also, these pillows are both fade and water-resistant, which means they are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The fill consists of recyclable polyester fiber, which maintains the pillow’s shape for one of the best cushioning experiences.

Lastly, you can either spot clean or hand washes these pillows using a mild detergent to keep them in good shape.

4. Pillow Perfect Outdoor Herringbone Egg Yolk Throw Pillows

The Herringbone egg yolk throw pillows made by Pillow Perfect deserve a spot on this best outdoor pillows list. They feature 100% polyester fiberfill, which delivers a plush experience when you use the pads.

I like that these pillows are trimmed with matching fabric and cord their edges so they can sit nicely on your outdoor furniture. They are also easy to care for because of the 100% polyester material used in their design.

Hence, you can either hand wash the pillows or spot clean them using mild detergent and allow them to air dry.

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5. French Connection Home Morgan Outdoor Pillow

Colorful and comfortable, this pillow is made of 100% cotton and can add a decorative accent to your outdoor space effortlessly. I also like the creative, purposeful, distressing technology in making this pillow.

This design gives the pillow’s fabric a fading or distressing look to make it seem worn out or rugged. Additionally, the pillow features a zipper closure capability, and it’s advisable to spot-clean the pad for optimal maintenance.

Sold in light blue denim color, this is one of the best outdoor pillows to add a colorful accent to your patio furniture.

6. Pillow Perfect Outdoor Hockley Teal Throw Pillows

Pillow perfect is profound in making some of the best outdoor pillows for daily use. This is another set of 2 outdoor cushions that are weather and UV-resistant, and this capability ensures the cushions stay in their purest form regardless of the weather condition.

They are made of 100% polyester fiber filling, which delivers a plush experience as you sit down to use the pillows. The cover on these pillows features a unique, blue-checked design that can go well with any outdoor furniture.

Easy to care for with either handwashing or spot cleaning using mild detergent. Also, it’s recommended to air dry these pillows after washing them for better maintenance of the fill material.

7. Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Pillows

Rest comfortably and add color to your patio or backyard with these Christopher Knight outdoor pillows. They are sold in a set of 4 and are made from top-quality fabric that is durable and all-weather resistant.

The fabric is also water-resistant and doesn’t absorb any dirt, making it one of the best outdoor pillows on your patio furniture. They are fluffy enough for you to rest comfortably on, and you can even use them as throw pillows.

Made from 100% polyester, these pillows are easy to clean since they don’t absorb dirt.

8. Kashmir Designs Cream Floral Outdoor Pillow

Made of 70% wool and 30% cotton, this Kashmir Designs outdoor pillow can also add a touch of color to your home’s outdoor space. It is hand embroidered and features a colorful and modern design.

It’s made of premium materials that keep the pillow vibrant and durable for outdoor use. These materials include hand embroidery, 100% soft wool, and 100% cotton canvas on the pillow’s backing.

As a result, you get a durable, colorful, and comfortable outdoor pillow to match your patio furniture.

9. Modway Convene All Weather Outdoor Pillow

You can effortlessly enhance your patio’s appearance with these all-weather outdoor pillows by Modway. Sold in a set of 2, these pillows are made of polyester fabric, which is easy to clean.

That’s not all. The fabric is also fade and water-resistant, making the pillows ideal for outdoor use. Here, you get modern-style pillows with machine-washable covers capable of enhancing your backyard’s aesthetics and comfort.

10. Greendale Home Fashions Cobalt Medallion Outdoor Throw Pillows

Rectangular and colorful, this set of 2 pillows with a floral design can offer a refreshing experience to your outdoor space. They are made of heavy-duty polyester fabric, which keeps the pillows durable under harsh weather conditions.

Hence, these pillows are resistant to water, fade, stain, and even mildew, which makes them stand out among the best outdoor cushions on the market to consider buying. You’ll enjoy plush support with these pillows courtesy of their poly-fiber fill for a comfortable and relaxing experience on your patio.

11. Foreside Home and Garden Blue Decorative Outdoor Pillow

Made of UV-stabilized yarns, this pillow is easy to clean and fade-resistant. It also features classic stripes with a twist in its design, guaranteed to add aesthetics to your outdoor space.

The materials used to create this pillow are built to last and offer high comfort. Lastly, you’ll have a leisurely experience caring for this pillow, making it an excellent option for your outdoor space.

12. Pillow Perfect Linen Lime Oversized Lumbar Pillows

Finishing off the list is this set of 2 linen lime outdoor pillows by Pillow Perfect. The pillows are sizable enough and can offer optimal support and comfort for a relaxing experience on your outdoor furniture.

Both water and fade resistant, these pillows are highly durable and can withstand the ever-changing weather conditions outside. The fill is made of 100% recycled polyester material, which gives you optimal cushioning and maintains the pillows’ shape.

Easy to clean and versatile for any outdoor space, investing in these pillows will enhance your outdoor aesthetics and offer you a comfortable experience.


The best outdoor pillows have what it takes to improve your outdoor décor while offering a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Hence, investing in an excellent outdoor pillow is essential if you want to enjoy your home’s outdoor space. Hopefully, the list above assists you in finding suitable outdoor cushions that can match your outdoor style and personal preferences.