Most new parents wonder if sleeping on a flat mattress without anything to hold their neck, they likely experience neck and headache pains. What about their little ones. And most parents wonder about that issue a lot, and others prefer placing pillows that can be of good help to their babies. 

Most companies manufacture many clothes and pillows for newborn babies, and it’s not bad, but the pads are most said to help prevent “flat head” syndrome in babies. But are pillows safe for babies?

Newborn babies do not necessarily need pillows in their cribs because they have no idea what they don’t’ have. They are also perfectly alright and cozy, with no need to add other commodities to their cribs.  

So, babies are better with no pillows, and it’s recommended that they start using them when they are two years old. 

Is it Safe for Your Baby to Sleep with a Pillow?

Placing a pillow for your baby to sleep with inside his crib will put your newborn baby’s life at considerable risk. Any bedding and pads can cause suffocation or choke the baby, and that can cause sudden death. 

Babies may roll when sleeping, their heads turn at night, and their faces are pressed against the buffer, leading to blocked airways and suffocation.

When laying your baby inside the crib, always ensure no item is inside and firmly tuck in the baby sheets. So for an infant baby from three to one-year-old, placing things like soft beddings and pillows can increase the risk of sudden death.

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When Can My Baby Sleep with a Pillow?

It’s recommended that you can start placing pillows on your baby when they are at least two years old. At that age, even when they role, they can flip back. It’s good to wait for your child to grow for you to avoid risking her life, and at that age, your baby is older, know to sleep inside a crib. 

Why Isn’t It Safe for My Baby to Sleep with a Pillow?

Pillows may seem so cozy when your baby uses them, but your little one does not need them, and items like loose bedding and fluffy inside your baby cribs can increase sudden infant death syndrome. 

When your child is 3,5 to 12 years, they start being so active and run up and down. Any moment your little one sees a pillow inside her crib, he\she can decide to try stepping on the pillow to move outside the crib, and they may fall. 

So, let your little ones grow until the age of 24 months, that will be the right age to take her out of the crib, and it’s also the right time to switch your baby to a toddler bed.

What kind of pillow can I give my child when she’s a toddler?

While pillows might not be safe for babies under 24 months, they’re worth your consideration. When your child is grown, she starts to sleep in her toddler bed. That’s the right time you can buy a pillow for her.

And don’t’ just buy any pillow for your toddler or grab any pillow you have stored for visitors. Any standard pillow given to your toddler will be too large, and it won’t’ have the right firmness. 

They need a toddler model pillow at two months, specifically a small, thin, and firm pillow. 

The firm toddler pillows are better than soft adult pillows because the firmness has no risk of suffocation like the soft pillows. And also, a firm toddler pillow will support your baby’s neck.


So, are pillows safe for babies? The answer is no. They are not safe for infants. At 24 months, you can include a firm pillow in your toddler bed.

For new mums, it’s hard to know if the little ones can sleep with pillows, at what age they can start using pillows, and the type of pillow they can give their small ones. 

I hope the article has answered all your questions.