Using your pillows over a long period may eventually require washing, since they would have accumulated dust, sweat, and even oil particles. This is why you need to learn how to wash your pillows safely and conveniently.

It’s also crucial to adhere to the best hygiene practices when it comes to your home products. Pillows are very important and keeping them clean often may help to prevent diseases and other issues. There are two options to consider when it comes to washing your pillows. They include either with your hands or washing machine. In this post, we will highlight the essential steps you need to take to wash your pillows with a washing machine.

1. First Remove the Pillow Case/Cover

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It’s always recommended to have pillow cases or covers for your pillows to prevent sweat, dust, and oil particles from directly getting into the pillow fibers. Therefore, this section will assume you have a pillow case, which you will first need to remove before washing.

Pillow covers play a significant role of prevent most of the dust, sweat and oil particles from directly getting into the pillow. Therefore, they are very important and if you don’t have them you reconsider.

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2. Put the Pillows inside the Washing Machine                                                      

Once you’ve removed the pillow case/cover from your pillows, the next thing you need to do is place the pillows inside your washing machine. Is it safe to wash your pillows with a washing machine? Absolutely! It’s completely safe to use a washing machine to wash your pillows.

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about your pillows being damaged by the machine. Even down pillows are completely safe to wash with a washing machine. If you happen to have many pillows, you can try to wash two at once to balance the washer and avoid getting the pillows thrown around too much.

3. Add Detergent

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The third step involves adding your preferred detergent, as it’s mostly recommended. What you need to do is to take a cup/scoop of your favorite detergent and add it into the washing machine. The benefit of using the detergent is that it will help get your pillows ultra-white.

Another thing that you should consider adding is a cup of dishwasher detergent, a small amount of bleach, and half cup of borax.

4. Begin the Washing Cycle

After adding your pillows, the detergent, bleach, and half cup or borax, the next step is to begin the wash cycle of your washing machine. Ensure that you adjust the settings of the washer properly for it to run with hot water.

You should make sure you set the washer to go through a second rinse cycle. You can use the “Bulky/Large” cycle if it’s available in your washer, and then allow it to work its magic.

5. Place Your Pillows in the Dryer

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Once the washer has completed its job, the next step is to put your pillows in the dryer and then adjust the settings. In case you have feather-filled pillows, make sure to put your dryer on the “Air/Fluff/“No” setting. If you happen to have synthetic pillows, ensure you switch your dryer to low heat.

6. Dry the Pillows

To dry your pillows, you can take two tennis balls and put them in clean, separate, white socks. Throw them in the dryer with the pillows in order to fluff them and also decrease their drying time. After you’ve done that, start the dryer and let it work its magic.

7. Keenly Check Your Pillows

When the dryer finishes its cycle, remove the pillows and carefully feel them to see if there is any dampness. Also, you can smell the pillows to check if there’s any moisture in the center part. If you feel that the pillows are not completely dry as you’d want them to be, you can repeat the drying process and check them again. However, if the pillows are dry and clean, then they are ready for use again.


The process of washing your pillows is quite crucial and needs to be handled properly. Safety and convenience should be your main priorities, and the good news is that this post has provided you with the right insights to undertake this work efficiently.

Make sure to follow the outlined steps to wash your pillows and have them clean and fresh for using again.