If you’ve ever thought about having a bean bag in your home or workplace to relax whenever you’re tired, then it’s a high time you found out how much they cost. The most sought-after question is how much are bean bags?

One thing you need to know is that there are several brands and each of them price their products differently. This is something that can make them vary in price from one brand to the other. The good thing about using bean bag chairs is that they are lightweight, portable – that means they are easy to move around, and they are also suitable for a den or dorm room.

They can be especially suitable to use when watching TV or when you want to relax your back after a long day at work. You can also unwind on a bean bag after hours of doing house chores and your body is tired.

The Cost

The price can range from $40 to $200. In fact, the price of most high-quality, suitable, and efficient bean bag chairs is over $100. These are the most recommended, if you’re looking for something that you won’t end up regretting later on.

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Why Are Bean Bags So Expensive?

Well, bean bags aren’t expensive. As the saying goes “Cheap is expensive.” That means you get what you pay for. Sure, you can buy one at a lower cost of less than $100, but will you be getting quality?

That’s something you should keep in mind and be very keen about. You have to check what you’re buying – the value that it will provide to you, its quality and durability. Another thing you should also know is that limited edition bean bags tend to cost higher than other regular bean bags to absorb the added cost.

Factors that Contribute to the Price of Bean Bags

There are several factors that influence the price of bean bags. They include:

  • Type of fabric – The type of fabric used to make the bean bag highly contributes to its pricing. There are bean bags made of cotton, leather, silk, rayon, nylon, micro-suede, polyester, and silk. The most expensive bean bags are the ones made of leather.
  • The fabric weight – The weight of the fabric also plays a major role on its pricing. The most ideal bean bags are the ones made of nylon and polyester. Most cheap bean bag chairs are normally made of 420 Denier, while the high-quality ones use fibers which are four times denser at 1680 Denier. Denier is the unit used to measure the density of polyester and nylon fabric.
  • Amount of fabric – The amount of fabric used for a specific bean bag is also a determining factor when it comes to its pricing. Large bean bags usually require great amounts of fabric to produce. Round bean bags also use a lot of fabric compared to the square or rectangle bean bags.
  • The bean bag filling – Purchasing bean bag chairs from a brick-and-mortar store, it’s most likely going to come with prefilled beads, and this may add to the cost. This is quite different from buying online because they are usually unfilled to reduce the shipping volume. Therefore, online bean bag chairs may be priced lower than buying from a brick-and-mortar store.
  • The zippers – Only a few customers consider bean bag zippers, which are used to keep the covers closed. Most bean bag zippers are made for safety and child resistance purposes, as mandated by the federal standards. Low-quality bean bag chairs sold at a lower cost may have cheap, plastic zippers. The most suitable are the ones with large metal zippers.
  • Protective coatings – Apart from the fabric used in the covers, high-quality bean bag chairs usually have one or more coatings to help increase durability and other features. Common coatings include PVC and polyurethane since they help protect the bag chairs from moisture, mold, spills, and much more.


The question of cost highly depends on the overall quality. The quality of the bag also influences its price. Handmade bean bag chairs tend to have a higher production cost and they may be sold at a higher price on the market. However, they are worth every cent because you’ll be getting value for your money.

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