Michael Kors Bags have become an American staple as they are often seen on celebrities or fashion magazines.

As one of the leading luxury brands in the world, Michael Kors has been designing and selling handbags for over 30 years. These designer bags are typically made with durable materials like leather and can be found in a variety of colors and styles.

In this article, we will discuss 5 things you should know before buying Kors Bags so that you don’t make any costly mistakes!

How Much are Michael Kors Bags?

The price of a single Michael Kors Bag can range in price from $200 to over $5000. However, the brand also has a line of more moderately priced handbags.

The Kors Selma Satchel is one of the most popular Kors bags and ranges in price from $650 to about $950, depending on what materials it’s made out of (satin, leather, etc.).

This satchel comes with metal feet that help protect the bottom of the bag.

What Determines the Cost of Michael Kors Bags?


Kors bags are typically made of leather or a man-made material such as nylon, polyester, and microfiber. Kors has also started to design some KORS Michael Kors Bags from recycled plastics!


The style determines the cost. Korse primarily offers two different styles for KORS Michael Kors Handbags: KORS Michael Kors Shoulder Bags and KORS Michael Kors Backpacks.


Korse offers a variety of sizes for KORS Michael Kors Handbags, ranging from small clutches to large totes that can fit laptops. The size also determines the cost of an MK handbag because they are typically more expensive than smaller Kors purses.


Kors offers KORS Michael Kors Handbags in a variety of colors, including neutral shades like black and brown as well as brighter hues such as pink and orange. The color affects the cost because Korse is known for using more expensive materials to produce certain colors.

Price Range

Kors handbags range in prices, with KORS Michael Kors Totes costing the most. Korse offers a variety of sizes for KORS Michael Kors Handbags, ranging from small clutches to large totes that can fit laptops. The size also determines the cost because they are typically more expensive than smaller KOR purses.


Kors Bags are made to last for a long time. KOR purses typically come with a limited warranty of five years, so if there is any damage in that period the company offers replacements or repairs.

Should You Purchase a Michael Course Bag?

Yes, you can consider purchasing a Michael Kors bag if it fits your style and satisfies your needs.

Kors bags are typically priced between $250-5,000 or higher but the prices can vary depending on where you buy it and what style of bag you’re looking for.

You should first consider how often will you use Michael Kors handbags? If they’ll be used once a year or less than that, then investing in the Kors Bag might not be worth it.

Are Michael Kors Bags Tacky?

Are Kors Bags Tacky? Well, they certainly are not as classy or sophisticated as some of the other designer bags on this list. Kors has a reputation for being quite trendy and modern (think Kardashian).

The shiny patent leather is flashy in comparison to the more matte finishes of many designers. Kors also tends to be less expensive than many of the other designer brands on this list. Kors is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a flashy bag with lots of “bling” factors then Kors might be your best bet!

How Do You Know If a Michael Kors Bag is Original?

A fake Michael Kors bag may be easy to spot by the rounded handles. An original Michael Kors bag is made to last. It also features sturdy hardware that’s used to close the handles to stay strong throughout years of use. The handles on a fake bag look flimsy, and have rounded edges. They also don’t feature any stamping at all!

With a genuine Michael Kors bag, you’ll find a slightly rectangular joint hardware with rounded edges. And the expanded logo is stamped on one side.

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Michael Kors bags are a popular item that many people want to buy. They need to be aware of the different prices and styles before making a purchase decision in order to ensure they get the best one for their needs.

Kors is an iconic brand with items available at all price points, which makes it easy for shoppers from any income level to find a Kors bag that best suits their needs.

Michael Kors bags can be found in many different styles, such as crossbody bags, satchels, and totes. Kors totes are usually the most expensive Kors bags because of their high quality.