When you’re pregnant, getting enough rest and comfort is a crucial thing, but may sometimes be hard to come by. It’s important to understand that you need plenty of energy when you’re expectant, and this is where proper rest comes into play.

During the second and third trimesters, finding the right sleeping positions can be difficult, but with the right pregnancy pillow it can make a significant difference. Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes, and even from different brands.

Therefore, understanding their pricing can really come in handy whenever you’re thinking of buying a pillow to help you sleep or relax properly.

Most people ask how much are pregnancy pillows? Simply put, the average price of pregnancy pillows is about $25 or more. Of course, it’s always important to consider a high-end pillow sold at a higher cost if you want to get quality and value for your money.

Cheap is always expensive, and unless you’re buying a quality, durable, and reliable pillow at a lower cost, it’s essential to consider those costly ones that you won’t end up regretting buying.

Importance of Pregnancy Pillows

It goes without saying that when you’re pregnant, finding comfort can be hassle. As your belly grows sleep positions become limited and new pressure points for safe positions starting coming up. This is why you need to consider having an ideal pregnancy pillow that you can use.

During pregnancy it’s always recommended to consider side sleeping, instead of back or stomach sleeping. In fact, stomach or back sleeping should not even be discussed as they are usually off the table, since they can compress a crucial vein that carries blood to your blood.

Therefore, side sleeping is the best and only option that you have. That means using pregnancy pillows can be a suitable option to ease the struggle of having to sleep sideways for the remaining months of your pregnancy.

But, how do you choose an ideal pregnancy pillow? Check out the tips below.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Pregnancy Pillows


It’s not just about how much are pregnancy pillows, but the kind of shape that is suitable for you. Some pillows are designed to curve and tuck under your head or between your knees, while others are designed to run parallel to your body. Other pregnancy body pillows are designed with a dip, which cradles your bump.

If you normally switch the side of your sleep during the night the recommended pillow should be a U-shaped one as you won’t need to readjust whenever you move. Depending on how or where you’re experiencing discomfort, you may choose one option that suits you best.


Pregnancy pillows come in different sizes from wedge to U-shaped pillows. Wedge pillows are smaller in size compared to the U-shaped ones, which can hug both your front and back. Also, the amount of room you’re willing to give up in bed is something to consider whenever you’re choosing the size of a pregnancy pillow.


What type of material is the pillow you want to buy designed from? This is a crucial question you need to ask yourself before buying any pregnancy pillow. A pillow made of cotton cover is always the best option to consider, since it offers enough room for breathing compared to one made of polyester.

Do Pregnancy Pillows Really Help?

Absolutely! Pregnancy pillows work wonders and can help you get proper sleep, especially during the second and third trimesters. They can help you to easily adjust to new sleeping positions, and also enable you to keep your neck, hips, and back aligned properly during sleep. What’s more, pregnancy pillows can help to reduce the pressure around your hips and the pubic bones, thereby making your legs stay parallel to each other.


So, how much are pregnancy pillows? Expect a price range of $25 and above. The benefit of these pillows is that they offer comfort and help you easily adapt to new sleeping positions.

Therefore, they are worth the purchase since they include many benefits, they are efficient, and some are durable. In fact, it’s important for expectant women to always have pregnancy pillows as they part of their useful basic needs.