Most people don’t know how to arrange pillows on a bed because it can be a daunting task and requires some knowledge. To those who want to create a gorgeous pillow arrangement, there are some basic things you have to consider. 

Always consider the pattern and color you want to achieve in your room. A mix and match of your design and color make an excellent cohesive look. 

Something else, always consider your headboard before starting to arrange your pillows. Considering headboards is essential for knowing how you will get that classy look after placing pads on the bed. Some beds with no headboards look good with the basic pillow arrangement, and beds with open frame metal headboards look good with small decorative pillows.

The last thing you also have to consider is the look and style you want to achieve. This article will be helpful to anyone who wants to arrange and style their beds with pillows.

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How to Arrange Pillows on a Bed – Different Types of Pillow Arrangements

There are several pillow arrangements on a bed, and they depend on more than one factor. Here are the most common types of pillow arrangements you can use on your bed:

1. King Bed Pillow Arrangements

A king-sized bed has more space, and the good thing is you can arrange as many pillows as you want, but for it to look elegant, some pads will fit well. The standard pillows decoration on a king bed will look small and disorganized. 

Here are ways I will recommend arranging a king-sized bed and what you need.

  • First, you will need two king pillows, three euro pillows, and three toss pillows. It would be best if you also placed them in an orderly way.
  • Then start by placing the two king pillows against your headboards.
  • Next, you will place the three euro pillows in front of the king pillows.
  • Lastly, it would be best if you placed the toss pillows in front of your arrangement by putting two and one in front.

Another way you can arrange your king-size bed is to use two euro pillows, four king pillows, and one bolster pillow. You will start with the two euro pillows and place them against the headboard, then in front of them, place the king pillows in rows of two. Then finish up by placing the bolster in front of the arrangement. 

2. Queen Bed Pillow Arrangments

Even if the queen bed has less space, you can still arrange it in any style. If you need space between your standard pillows, you can remove them. Then place your sleeping pillows behind your euros pads, and you can use them anytime because they are close to you. 

If you want to arrange pillows on a queen-sized bed, you will need two euro pillows, four standard pillows, and two throw pillows. To organize them, place the two standard pillows against the headboard. Place the two euro pillows at the center, followed by the remaining standard pillow. Then finish with the throw pillows.  

Another way to style your bed in a classy and straightforward way is to use two standard pillows, two euro pillows, and one bolster. On how to arrange, place the standard pillow in the back, place the two euros in front, and finish with the bolster. 

3. Twin  Bed Pillow Arrangments 

How can you arrange bed pillows on a twin bed? You need to have one standard pillow, one euro pillow, and one toss pillow. Set the pad on a twin bed, center the one standard pillow against the headboard, place the one euro pillow in the front, and finish by placing the toss pillow.

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How to determine the best pillow arrangement for your bed

To have the best pillow arrangement on your bed, there are a few things you will have to consider and put in mind. 

1. Color Scheme

Always consider the color scheme of your pillows and bed. The color scheme is essential because you can create any look you want. If you have a color theme in your bedroom, you will have to choose your pillows with the same color pattern to have a cohesive bedroom. 

2. Headboard

It would help if you considered the headboard- when you have no headboard, you will have to consider the essential arranging of your pillows. Also, a bed with a metal headboard will look good with a few pads.  

3. Look and Style

Lastly, consider the style and look you want to achieve. Everyone loves decorating their bed pillows the way they feel because there are so many different ways of arranging pillows.  A well-decorated bed with throw pillows looks very elegant and beautiful.

Which pillow arrangement is best for a king-sized bed?

A king-sized bed will only look good arranged with kingsized pillows. When you decorate the bed with a standard pillow, it will look less attractive. There are some beautiful and classy arrangements that you can make for your bed, and the kingsized has ample space that you can use to arrange bed pillows in any style you want.

But a quick reminder when purchasing pillows, always buy the pillow covers and insert them. And purchase a size up 1” to 2”. For example, if you have a 20” by 20” decorative pillow, you must purchase a 22” by 22” pillow cover.

These are the best arrangements for king-sized beds, which I can recommend, and to get the classy look when arranging, start with:

  • Standard pillow 20’’ to 26’’,
  • Put a king pillow 20’’ to 36.’’
  • Next, you put the euro sham 26’’ to 26.’’ 
  • Add your throw pillow 20’’ t0 20’’ 0r 22’’ to 22.’’
  • Add your bolster pillow 10’’ to 27.’’
  • Then finish with a lumbar pillow of 12’’ to 24.’’

How to arrange pillows on a twin bed?

Talking about styling a twin bed, I also have different tips and styles which you can decorate your twin bed. Decorating it with beautiful pillows will bring a cohesive look to your bed and room.

Here are ways you can style and arrange your twin bed. Start with two standard pillows, place them in front of the headboard, place the two remaining toss pillows, and finish by adding two bolster pillows.

The other way to arrange pillows on a twin bed is to use four throw pillows and one bolster pillow. You can start with only two throw pillows and place them off-center, then put the other two in front and finish up with the one bolster pillow.   

The good thing with the above arrangement is that it will take less time and leave your bed looking classy.


Arranging pillows on a bed can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. However, you can create an elegant outcome with a few tips and some knowledge.

These tips ensure that you will be able to arrange your bed well and decorate it like a professional. A well-decorated and organized bed will make you feel good about yourself.