If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to know how to pack a suitcase.

Most people travel because of businesses, vacations, and others to visit their relatives. And in the process of traveling, we have to pack the items you may need to use, Packaging may seem very easy, but it requires awareness. 

Most people end up packing at the last minute, which may lead to confusion . packing at the last minute may lead to forgetting necessary items or packing unnecessary things. Without the proper packing order, you will end up with a lot of confusion. 

This article will be helpful to anyone who has problems when packing their traveling items and the best way you should fill them.

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How to Pack Your Outfits on a Suitcase

Always ensure to make a packing list before the due day. It will help you pack the necessary when it’s the last minute. Once you have listed everything you need, there are some items you have to start with. 

Here are the essential tips for packing to avoid confusion and overloading your bag, and it’s very effective for any traveling trip.  

1. Start with a Suitable Suitcase 

2. Include Your Essentials

3. Use Your Favarouble Packing techniques 

4. Pack Clothes that Won’t Wrinkle Easily 

5. Add an Extra Laundry Bag

Start with a Suitable Suitcase 

Always consider the material of the suitcase. There is two option that is soft-sided and hard-sided. The soft-sided is most preferred because it is excellent and has more space you can pack more items you want. 

Hard-sided luggage is most preferred because it protects anything fragile. It’s also easy to maintain. Even if you choose either option, always consider testing how the rollers are and their handles, for the suitcase rollers should be smooth, and the handle should suit your height. 

Also, check how much it weighs. For economy flights, the average hold luggage limit is only 23kg. 

Include Your Essentials 

When including your essentials for packing, always avoid packing unnecessary items. If you are going for a five-day trip, have a few clothes. You can pack four panties, 3-4 tops, and a few pairs of jeans. 

If your suitcase luggage exceeds the airline’s weight limit, you will be charged more. Avoid packing high limits of the airlines. 

Use Your Favourite Packing Techniques  

There are a few packing techniques, but you have to choose what suits you to avoid creasing clothes. Here are the three main methods you can select.

The most known technique is folding because that is common in every household. When arranging clothes in a suitcase, always start with flexible clothes and layout them at the bottom of the bag. 

On top of the flexible clothing, place the long-sleeved shirts and the final items that require gentle handling on top of the bulky clothes that will help not to be squeezed.  

This method is perfect for travelers, and you need to roll them tightly and then place them in your suitcase. This method also saves some space. It’s best for casual clothes like denim and synthetic fabrics because they dont wrinkle.

This type of method is excellent if you have to carry a lot of clothes for about a week.

The method is done by stacking clothes on each other inside a suitcase and folding them one by one. It’s a wrinkle-free method.

Packing Clothes that Won’t Wrinkle Easily  

When packing, avoid clothes that wrinkle easily. Clothes whose fabrics are made from cotton, hemp, and linen are considered to wrinkle easily. 

Consider packing jeans and clothes made from polyester, nylon, and acrylic. Clothes made from those fabrics are wrinkle-free, and they are very durable and breathable.

Add an Extra Laundry Bag

When traveling, it’s easy not to bother with dirty clothes. As a result, you may mix dirty clothes with other clean ones. To avoid that, you may carry laundry plastic, nylon, or mesh laundry bags. 

This type will help separate your dirty clothes from clean ones, leaving you smelling fresh. 

The best way to Pack Shoes in Your Suitcase

Shoes are the most difficult to pack because they have different shapes. Pack the slimmer shoes like the slippers and the rest to avoid the stress of packing shoes. And travel with bulky shoes. 

If you prefer packing the bulkiest shoes, you will have to wrap each shoe in a plastic bag but not tightly. When the shoes are well-wrapped, slot them together, then pack your wrapped shoes in the center of the suitcase.

Packing Items Inside Shoes

This technique helps to save space inside your suitcase and allows the shoe to hold its shape. You can fill the shoe with items such as socks, chargers, or any small object. Ensure to pack the shoes against the suitcase’s side. 


Packing clothes in a suitcase can be challenging for some people, while others pack unnecessary items and end up being charged more on their airlines. Always consider packing items you will use and pack in the right way. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you to answer some of your questions.