Wondering how you can wash your couch pillows for the best results? I was there too until I found great tips that help me every time!

When decorative pillows are used and placed on your couch, they can take the look of your lying room from boring to clean and classy. The good thing about decorating your sofa with throw pillows is that they tie color accents and add style to your living room.

For your living room to remain beautiful, fresh, and classy, frequently cleaning throw pillows is needed to be done. Throw pads collect a lot of dust and are unclean, but washing them clears all dust and makes your pillows smell fresh and last long.

When washing pillows, remember not all throw pillows should be tossed into the washing machine because others are hand washed. Also, submerging pillows meant to be dry cleaned may damage the fillings. Therefore reading the care label before washing your buffer will help you not damage your pillow fillings.

Here are ways how to wash your throw pillows.

Things You Need to Consider Before Washing Your Couch Pillows

  1. Read the care label – the care label instructions help provide information on how you should wash your pillow. The manufacturing title will help identify if your fabric should be hand washed or machine washed.
  1. You need to identify your pillow fabric – identifying the type of fabric will help you know how to wash your pillows. If they’re either velvet or silk, you must avoid washing your throw pillows with hot water because they can shrink and lose elasticity. Only use a mild detergent in cold or warm water and a delicate cycle.
  1.  Test your fabric if it fades the color – use a clean white towel with your washing detergent and bolt it against the material.

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How to Wash Couch Pillows in a Washing Machine

Suppose you want to get the best results without any damage. When washing your throw pillows, use warm water, put in front-loading, and go for mild detergent with a delicate cycle. 

Always ensure you don’t put too many pillows on the machine for the machine to balance the load. Additionally, don’t use your pillow if there not well dried. Hang your cushions in a well-ventilated area and make sure they are well dried before using them. 

How to Spot Clean Couch Pillows

Use clean, cool water with a mild soap solution. Next, use pure white fabric, dip it inside the soap mixture, and squeeze out the water from the material. Then rinse the stains with fabric and repeat but be gentle.

Lastly, you can let the throw pillows air dry completely. 

How to Hand Wash Couch Pillows

Some pillows usually are hand washed to prevent damaging their fabrics. You can hand wash your throw pillows using warm water in a sink or bathtub.

To wash your throw pillow using your hands, you must use warm water with a bit of soap detergent.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Put your pillow inside the water mixture and scrub using a sponge to remove all the dirtiness.
  • After a good scrubbing, drain the dirty water from your tub and rinse using clean, warm water.
  • Repeat the rinsing process until the water is clean, then you can drain your tub.
  • Before drying your pillow, squeeze all the excess water well, and be careful not to damage your pad when doing that.
  • The last step is to hang your pillow in a well-ventilated place and ensure they are well dry. Sleeping with a wet pillow can cause bacteria and mold to grow.

How to Wash Removable Covers Couch Pillows

Couch pillow covers also need to be washed, and if your pillow covers are removable, you can wash them.

The first step is to remove the cover from the pillow, put it inside the washing machine and wash it with warm water on a gentle cycle. Hang for them to get dried.

How to wash Non-removable Covers for  Couch Pillows

If your pillow couch covers are not removable, you can hand wash, vacuum, or spot clean your pillow.

You can spot clean using your clean white towel or a sponge and dip the towel inside a mild soap solution, squeeze the water from the towel as much as possible, then bolt the stains with the towel.

Repeat the process until it’s clean. Before using it again, make sure it’s well dry.

How to Dry Couch Pillows Inside a Dreyer 

Most pillows like standard, down, feather pillows fit well in any washing machine, and it’s also safe when put inside a dryer. Dont place the throw pillows cover inside the dryer. Remove them and hang them on the clothesline.

You can then place your throw pillow inside the dryer, use low heat or no heat setting and add a few tennis balls to fluff up the pillow filling. Tennis balls help in making your pillow not clump up. 

How Often to Wash Couch Pillows and Couch Covers

How often you wash your pillows depends on how often you use them. Throw pillows typically need to be cleaned once in two months.

Also, if your covers are removable, they should be washed every two to four weeks, depending on how you use them. 

For the non-removable covers, you have to remember to clean your throw pillows after one month or two.


Washing your couch pillows can be tricky because you are unsure how you must clean your buffers. Some pillows are too delicate, while others have removable and non-removable covers. 

Nobody wants a dirty pillow, and this article has covered all your questions by providing all you could wish to know concerning how to wash your throw pillows.