So, what kinds of pillows do hotels use? The answer may surprise you!

Hotels use various pillows to provide their guests with the best possible sleeping experience. Many hotels use down or feather pillows designed to be soft and comfortable.

Some hotels also use memory foam pillows, which contour your head and neck for added support. Ultimately, it depends on the hotel and what they feel will offer their guests the best night’s sleep.

Cotton sheets are used on most hotel pillows, percale, and sateen. Cotton is a popular choice for its silky, smooth feel and breathability. Hotel pillows may be constructed of lyocell, polyester, rayon, or other materials and may all provide comfort depending on the quality and construction of the cover.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the different types of pillows that hotels use so that you can try them out for yourself and see what works best for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hotel Pillow


Some hotels consider the measure because they want their customers to have comfortable and the proper support every night they spend in that bed.


Hotels also look at every pillow’s attic before buying proper spine alignment for their guest.

Cover Material

Hotels consider the best cover materials to provide their customers with the proper comfort and breathable sleep. Most hotels prefer the cotton material because it’s very comfortable, odor-free, low maintenance, and hypoallergenic. Others use a polyester pillow cover because it’s wrinkle-resistant or sleek and linen for the best feel.


There are various options for pillow shapes, and all types have their use. When it comes to hotels, they prefer the standard rectangle pillow because it provides continuous support throughout the night. 


The firmer the pillow, the better it will be for a heavier person. On the other hand, a soft cushion is best for light people. The importance of a buffer depends on how much the person weighs. The pad won’t provide the necessary support when you give the heavier person the soft pillow.

When you weigh more, you need a firm pillow that feels soft and has the best support, while a soft pillow will be best for lighter people.


Considering a pillow filling will be the best decision, there are different types of pillow fill materials, and every type has its support and comfortability. Hotels prefer using high-quality materials because they will last longer, and their luxury will be on another level giving their clients the best. The down or feather fillings are the most common filling used inside pillows. They are most preferred in hotels because they are very comfy.

The synthetic down filling pillows are made with polyester fiber, best used by allergic people.

Firmness Level

There are different firmness levels and all suit different sleeping styles. The soft pillow is for the back and stomach sleepers, and the firm ones are used with the side sleepers. There are also medium-soft, used with the back and side sleepers, and the very firm ones are used with side sleepers. 

Most hotel pillows are made with medium to firm filling. Regardless of their customer’s body type, they will still enjoy their pillow support and overall comfort. Also, most pillow producers produce soft pillow fill for hotels.


Pillows have different costs, depending on the pad’s quality. The price will always be different for the low-quality, average, and high-quality pillows. Most hotels prefer average-quality pillows to ensure their guests have a good night’s sleep.  

Temperature Regulations

Hotels use a cooling pillow to prevent heat reservations and use breathable and moisture-wicking materials for their pads. The breathable fabrics will not hold on to heat during the night, providing a cool temperature and increasing airflow. 

Factors that Influence the Selection of Pillows

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You should always determine a few things before purchasing your pillow. Remember, each of us has different sleeping positions, and your sleeping position matters a lot. There are different pillow sizes and shapes that serve other purposes.

Therefore, you have to consider everything before purchasing a pillow. Here are a few factors to consider:

Sleeping Position (Stomach, Back, Side)

Every sleeping position has a pillow you should use. The right pillow will help you avoid neck, shoulder, and back pain. Let’s know what pillow you need depending on your sleeping position. 

  • Stomach sleepers – A medium-firm or soft pillow is suitable for stomach sleepers, and the pad will provide a comfortable sleep leaving your head and neck in better alignment. 
  • Back sleepers – The back sleepers will require a medium-loft pillow; this kind of pillow for the back sleepers will maintain the spine alignment. It will also hold your head and neck in a good position. 
  • Side sleepers – The best pillow for side sleepers is a thick, firm pillow; the best fill should be memory foam or latex. Any wrong way of side sleepers when sleeping can lead to shoulder pain. They also need proper support.  

Allergy Concerns

For allergic people, they should consider buying hypoallergenic pillows. They should not have pillows made with down or feathers because they contain chemicals that lead to allergies. 

Buying removable and washable pillow covers is also suitable for allergic people. A pillow cover is a barrier between the pillow and your face, making it clean and fresh and avoiding allergies. 

Laying vs. Sitting

When choosing a laying pillow, always get to know your sleeping position first. Side sleepers need a soft and thick pillow; stomach slippers need a soft, low-density pillow; back sleepers need a medium-density pillow. 

When choosing a sitting pillow, you should consider a pillow with the best comfortability. The size of your seat also matters; make sure to measure the size of the seat.

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If you have been wondering what kind of pillow hotels use, I hope this article will give you awareness. You may also follow this guide to buy your pillow at home, and dont forget to consider the above factors when purchasing pillows.