If you’ve ever spent a night in a hotel, you know how comfortable the pillows can be. They seem to have this magical ability to make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, and as soon as your head hits the pillow, you’re out like a light. But have you ever wondered WHY hotel pillows are so comfortable?

There are a few reasons why hotel pillows are usually more comfortable than those at home. For one, they’re generally larger and fluffier, which makes them ideal for sinking into. But there’s also the fact that they’re usually made with high-quality materials designed to provide optimal comfort.

In this guide, we’ll look at why hotel pillows are so comfortable and how you can get that same comfort level in your own home.

Here are the six good reasons why hotel pillows are comfortable 

6 Reasons Why Hotel Pillows are Comfortable

1.  They’re larger and fluffier.

Well, you may be wondering why hotel pillows are always comfortable. Well-maintained pillows will serve you for a long time, and hotels maintain their buffers by fluffing them.

The method of fluffing will prevent any pillow from getting lumps.  Lastly, hotels provide large pillows to accommodate any body type and even size.

2. They’re made with high-quality materials.

The hotel pillows are made with high-quality material for them to last long. They always provide a luxurious feeling and support your whole body correctly. And they generally offer you a comfortable sleep.

3. They have a firmness that’s just right.

People have different sleeping positions, and hotels provide various types of pillows for everyone’s sleeping position. They have soft cushions. These pillows are typically for stomach sleepers; also, back sleepers are supplied with firm pads. 

4. They provide the perfect amount of support.

All hotels ensure that their pillows will give you a good night’s sleep. A good pad will prevent any form of neck, back, shoulder, and joint pain, keep your upper body in the proper alignment and relieve pressure and balance your body during sleep.  

5. They’re designed to provide optimal comfort.

Hotel pillows provide the best comfort when sleeping because the hotel management invests their money in good quality pillows for their guests. And they want their guests to have a good experience in the hotel and comfortable sleep.

6. Hotel pillows are changed out often

The hotel pillows are often replaced because they value a good rest for their customers. They will also change their bed covers and pillows every few months to maintain hygiene standards.

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What Types of Pillow Materials Do Hotels Use?

The commonly used pillow materials in hotels are cotton materials because of their breathability. Cotton pillows are also naturally absorbent.

Other pillows used are polyester or rayon. These are the most-used fabrics because polyester materials are solid. Additionally, the rayon materials are luxurious and comfortable.

How to Make Your Bed Pillows More Comfortable?

Below are the six best ways to make your bed pillow more comfortable:

1. Clean Your Bed Pillows Regularly

Washing your pillows is very important because it’s one way to maintain good hygiene. Pillows absorb saliva, sweat, oils, skin particles, and hair products. All those mixtures build up bacteria, germs, and dirt. Such pillows may need to be cleaned using a washing machine. 

But before washing, first checks the care label of the pillows, not all pillows are machine washable, and the instruction will guide you on how to wash your pillow.

If your pillow recommends you hand wash, then put one tablespoon of clothing detergent, mix with water, wash and let it dry in the sun.

2. Replace Your Pillows More Often

Pillows are recommended to be replaced every 1 to 2years. New pillows should also replace even the best quality. It’s best to replace pillows to promote your health and hygiene. 

Replacing your pillows will reduce even the allergens and promote good sleep.

Also, replacing a worn-out pillow will be the best idea. A flat pillow will never support your body in the right way.

These are signs to notice the time you should change your pillows:

  • If you fold your pillow in half and it doesn’t bounce back to its original shape, that’s a clear sign for replacement. 
  • If you start experiencing your pillows, stuffing has started to clump together.  
  • You wake up with frequent pains 
  • Your pillow is flat

3. Fluff Your Bed Pillows

Fluffing your pillows is an excellent maintenance practice to keep them in the right shape and comfortable for use. The more you continue using your bed pillow without fluffing them, they’ll get lumpy. 

Fluffing your pillows takes less time and will make your bed pillows more comfortable. 

The easiest way to fluff your pillow is to grab your pillow on both sides, start compressing and decompressing, then flip the pillow to the other side and repeat. Do this for about 30 seconds on both sides.

4. Change Your Pillowcases and Sheets More Often

If you don’t already, start changing your pillowcase and sheets more often. Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells, which can build up on your bedding and lead to breakouts. Aim to wash your sheets at least once a week and your pillowcase even more often if you can.

In addition to changing your bedding more often, take a few minutes to cleanse your face before bed each night. This will help remove any dirt, oil, or makeup accumulated on your skin during the day and can clog pores overnight. Use a gentle cleanser, and rinse it all off thoroughly before you hit the hay.

Finally, try to avoid sleeping in makeup if at all possible. If you must, cleanse your face as soon as you wake up in the morning to avoid any irritation or clogged pores. Sleeping in makeup can also cause your pillowcase to become stained over time. So, it’s best to take a few minutes to remove it before you turn in for the night.

5. Buy High-Quality Pillows

This may seem like an obvious solution, but it’s often overlooked. Low-quality pillows can be lumpy, uneven, and uncomfortable, so it’s essential to ensure you’re getting pillows that will provide you with the support and comfort you need.

There are a few things to look for when choosing pillows, such as:

The right fill: Pillows can be filled with down feathers, synthetic materials, or memory foam. Down and feather pillows are typically the most expensive and the most comfortable. Synthetic materials are often less expensive but can still be comfortable. Memory foam pillows conform to your head and neck, providing support and alleviating pressure points.

The right size: Pillows come in different sizes, so choosing the size best fits your bed is important. Standard pillows are typically 20″ x 26″, queen pillows are 20″ x 30″, and king pillows are 20″ x 36″.

The right firmness: Pillows can also be found in different levels of firmness, so it’s essential to choose the one that will be most comfortable for you. Soft pillows are best for side sleepers, while firmer pillows are better for back and stomach sleepers.

Once you’ve found the perfect pillow, it’s essential to take care of it so it will last longer. Pillows should be fluffed regularly and washed once every six months to keep them fresh.


Now that you’ve learned why hotel pillows are so comfortable and how you can make your bed pillows more comfortable, it’s time to start enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Making your bed pillows more comfortable doesn’t have to be complicated.

Investing in high-quality pillows and taking care of them will ensure you have a comfy place to rest your head for years to come.