Working out has taught me a lot about preparing for the workout sessions beforehand. And the best way to get ready is by investing in one or two of the best gym bags that suit your needs.

A decent gym bag should be functional and versatile enough to offer you the freedom and support you need when going to the gym.

Investing in the right gym bag will go a long way in determining whether you’ll have an average or excellent workout session. Of course, you must first consider your budget and preferences to find your perfect suit out of the ten gym bags on this list.

1. Under Armour Adult Undeniable Duffle 4.0 Gym Bag

Made from 84% Polyester and 16% Elastane materials, this 8-inch shoulder drop Under Armour gym bag is perfect for your trip to the gym. It features a textile lining, which gives the bag a stylish yet robust look.

Additionally, this bag comes with the UA Storm technology that gives the bag element battling and a water-resistant finish. I like the durable materials on this gym bag because they are abrasive-resistant on the bottom and side panels.

As for gear organization, this gym bag features two large front pockets, internal slip pockets, and a large vented pocket for your workout gear.


2. Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag

Considering some of the best gym bags on the market, the Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag proved quite the contender. It’s made from 100% Polyester material that’s durable and water repellent as well.

Moreover, the base of this gym bag features a heavy-duty Duravax abrasion-resistant design. There is a large main duffel compartment that you can use to keep your tools or workout gear. You also get a zippered pocket suitable for organizing smaller portable items.

This bag’s side and top handles are sturdy, while the padded shoulder strap is adjustable and removable.


3. Adidas Team Issue II Medium Duffel Bag

Adidas is one the most popular sportswear brands globally, and this is one of many of their best gym bags to consider buying. It’s made from Polyester material, which contributes to the easy-care nature of this gym bag.

The lining is also designed from the same material, and this bag has a 6.5” inch shoulder drop for easy carrying. You get a ventilated side pocket with this bag, which you can use to keep used gear and shoes.

I loved the performance technology design of this bag because it features a water-resistant base in case of any wet accidents.


4. BOSTANTEN Vintage Leather Duffel Travel/Gym Bag

If you like attending gym sessions with a touch of style or class, this is one of the best gym bags to fulfill that desire. This gym bag is also highly durable and stylish and made from high-quality genuine cow leather.

As for the structure, this oversized duffel bag contains one big inner compartment, one inner zipper pocket, and two insert pockets. This is more than enough space to organize your gear when going to the gym.

Stylish yet highly functional, this gym bag is versatile for other applications like traveling, sports duffel bags, and an overnight bag.


5. Rothco Canvas Equipment Bag, Olive Drab

At a glance, you can tell that this gym bag can offer you a durable and practical experience. This is because the bag is made of heavy-weight cotton canvas material, which is the most potent form of the material.

I love that this bag is styled after Rothco’s popular Canvas Flight Backpacks, adding a touch of class and style.

Other than that, the practical features of the bag include win Carry Handles, Front and Rear Zipper Pockets, and Detachable Shoulder Straps for a comfortable carrying experience.


6. PUMA Evercat Dispatch Women’s Gym Bag

Aside from it being one of the best gym bags, the PUMA Evercat Dispatch women’s gym bag is also Amazon’s bestseller gym bag. The bag features a simple design, but that doesn’t limit its functionality.

It has two zipper pockets, which means you get a zipper closure functionality. This allows you to store and fetch your gear quickly from the bag. The material used to create this women’s duffel bag is 100% polyester, and Similarly, the lining is made of the same material.

As for care and maintenance, handwashing is all the care this bag needs to stay in good condition.


7. TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

This is also an Amazon’s Choice gym bag and comes in different colors to suit your preferences. It’s perfect for carrying sports equipment, which in this case, translates to your gym gear.

The bag includes mesh venting, a mesh water bottle with barrel closure, and a small zip pocket. You also get the main compartment for organizing the gym gear you need to carry.

Lastly, this bag is lightweight and features a foldable design for optimal space-saving storage.


8. FOCO NFL Fanshop Big Logo Drawstring Backpack

When looking for the best gym bags for your next purchase, it doesn’t get simpler than this, and over 9,000 verified buyers on Amazon agree. I like the simplicity of this drawstring backpack, which is made of high-quality polyester materials.

Understandably, not everyone must carry a bunch of gear and tools when heading to the gym. Perhaps you like going to the gym, are already dressed up, and only need to have a water bottle.

And even if that isn’t the case, this backpack can still stretch well to fit the necessary gym gear.


9. Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack

Like Adidas, Nike is also extensively known for its sportswear, and this gym bag is evidence of its work. This gym sack is made from 100% polyester material, and like the previous option, this too features a drawstring closure.

Throw in and fetch your workout gear as quickly as possible with this bag’s easy-to-fill and haul design. Furthermore, this bag’s bottom is reinforced to protect your equipment against scrapes or bumps.

And you also get a 16” shoulder drop, which adds more advantages to owning this minimal yet functional gym bag.


10. WolfWarriorX Gym Bag

You get a large capacity, multipurpose, and practical design from the WolfWarriorX Gym Bag. It’s one of the best gym bags you could consider investing your bucks in.

I like that it has a shoe compartment and four other main loading spaces. This is just carrying a full locker with you, so you won’t need to pay for room at the gym. There are front, top, and side zipper pockets, which you can use to allocate different gym gear.

Made from sturdy and durable materials, this gym bag has what it takes to improve your experience when heading to the gym.


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As far as gym bags go, look for something that matches your preferences and one that can also meet your needs. The best gym bags should be able to accommodate your taste while offering you the needed experience when preparing for workouts.

For instance, a bag with a water bottle pocket and compartments for your portable essentials ensures you won’t forget the needed workout gear. These and more are the factors that I’ve considered when reviewing the bags above.

Therefore, investing in one of them is an excellent step towards acquiring a gym bag that can match your style and functional needs.