If you’re a stomach sleeper, you can spice up your sleeping experience with these best soft pillows for stomach sleepers. Regardless of your sleeping position, these pillows can deliver a comfortable, plush, and smooth experience every time you lay your head down.

Therefore, you can always look forward to having a peaceful night’s sleep without interruptions. But what makes up an excellent soft pillow?

As you may know, soft pillows feature a fluffy firmness characteristic that allows your head to sink in. Usually, these pillows are made from down, polyester, or cotton and are used mainly by back and stomach sleepers.

But due to their versatile nature, soft pillows can also work well with side sleepers. With that in mind, the following are my eight picks for the best soft pillows on sale.

1. LUTE Standard Bed Pillows

Besides sleeping, these LUTE standard bed pillows are multifunctional and can be used as cushions for reading or watching a movie. They are luxurious and are made from alternative materials to deliver a smooth and comfortable experience when using them.

The cotton cover on these 2 set pillows delivers a soft and breathable environment for you to sleep on. Certainly one of the best soft pillows collections, these pillows offer excellent support for the back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Another benefit is that these pillows are machine washable with dry tumble low. Moreover, they are fade and stain-resistant and are sold with a 30-day warranty against manufacturer defects.


2. Digital Decor Set of 2 Premium Gold Hotel Pillows

Premium and luxurious, this set of hotel pillows by Digital Décor are also some of the best soft pillows for stomach sleepers to consider buying. The outer fabric of these pillows is made of a 100% hypoallergenic fabric that delivers smooth, breathable, and comfortable usability.

You can always wake up well-rested thanks to the 100% cotton design that allows you to sink into these pillows. Furthermore, the cotton material also offers a breathable and cooling experience to impact your night positively.

And with a 100% virgin synthetic polyester filling, these are some of the best down alternative pillows you can find. They are both machines washable and dryer safe, and these pillows also come with a free 30-day guarantee if they don’t satisfy you in any way.


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3.  Zen Bamboo Pillows for Sleeping

Made with premium and allergy-friendly materials, it was only fitting to feature these Zen Bamboo Pillows are pretty excellent and among the best soft pillows for stomach sleepers. First, the bamboo covers on this set of 2 sleeping pads offer you a breathable and cooling experience.

Besides that, the gel fill featured inside these pillows delivers a comfortable space for you to lay your head. I also like that these pillows are proven to reduce neck pain associated with sleeping.

And these pillows’ firm nature is characterized as extra soft, something you must like when sleeping. The pads are fade and stain-resistant, machine-washable, and dryer safe for easy maintenance.


4. Suhedy Queen Pillows for Sleeping

Comfortable and fluffy, the Suhedy Queen Pillows are made of a complete polyester fiber filling and a breathable cotton cover to make soft and comfy pillows. These pillows effectively support your head and neck to give you a comfortable experience as you sleep.

These pillows offer sleep protection and don’t flatten quickly, regardless of your sleeping position.


5. MildDreams 2 Pack Pillows for Sleeping

Soft and ergonomic, MildDreams Pillows are made of Goose down alternative materials for optimal support. The 100% cotton fabric cover on these pillows also ensures a breathable, soft, and cooling experience.

I like the 3D Hollow Siliconized material on these pillows because it ensures that they retain their shape always. They also come with a 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction, or Money Back Guarantee for your best interest.

These pillows are also machine washable and won’t deform easily after washing.


6. Evolive Ultra-Soft Microfiber Body Pillow

Available in multiple colors, this body pillow is also one of the best soft pillows for stomach sleepers on the market right now. The various shades of this pillow allow you to match it with any décor in your bedroom.

Made using a 100% polyester fabric, you know that you will be getting an ultra-soft body pillow. Furthermore, the microfiber fill on this pillow ensures that you rest comfortably on this pillow.

It’s machine washable with cold water and dryer safe, but you should not bleach this pillow according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.


7. WENERSI Premium Goose Down Pillows

With the WENERSI Premium Good Pillows, you get softness and good resilience, which makes them suitable for all sleeping positions. It features a 100% cotton fabric shell for a soft, breathable, and cooling experience as you sleep.

Additionally, the Goose down filling on this pillow set ensures you get the needed support for your head and neck. These pillows also prevent cervical disease while offering top-class sleep protection.


8. Bedsure Queen Pillows for Sleeping

Ideal for back and side sleepers, this set of 2 sleeping pillows by Bedsure is made of high-quality materials for the best service. Such materials include 100% ultra-plush down alternative polyester filling.

With this filling, you get an extremely fluffy pillow that is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. I admire the no-shift construction on these pillows, which provides your head and neck optimal support as you sleep.

And the machine is washable with tumble dry on low, making these pillows easy to care for at home. However, you shouldn’t iron or dry clean these pillows for best care practices.



While choosing the best soft pillows might be subjective to an individual’s preferences, it would be best to factor in other considerations. The right soft pillow for you should deliver optimal support and a comfortable and smooth experience.

Additionally, these are pillows that enhance the quality of your sleep. Therefore, choosing the best soft pillows for stomach sleepers will provide plenty of benefits and keep you healthy.